Saving Money, Saving Lives

Lab tests enable better care for patients that often translates into economic savings. Sometimes savings come from earlier treatment, sometimes from avoiding complications and disability.

  • Screening tests for cervical cancer lead to early stage treatment that is more successful and less costly :

Earlier Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

Early detection of cervical cancer through the use of lab tests means cost-savings for patients and the health care system

Treating early-stage cervical cancer costs, on average, $20,255. The costs of treating cervical cancer that has progressed to a late stage averages $36,912.1

This does not factor-in the value of work-loss and premature death. Women who die from cervical cancer lose, on average, 25.9 years of life. Death often occurs during a person's prime years of family responsibility and earned income, thus translating into significant losses of quality of life — for patients and family members — significant lost earnings, worker replacement costs, and broader societal costs.2

Costs of Detecting and Treating Cervical Cancer:

  • Pap Test $31
  • Costs of tests and treatments for abnormal findings $1,281
  • Costs of tests and treatments for early-stage cervical cancer $20,255
  • Cost of tests and treatments for late-stage cervical cancer $36,912

  • Diabetes tests spare patients disability and death — and save money:

  • Cardiac lab tests improve the accuracy of diagnosing heart attacks — reducing unnecessary hospitalizations in the process 

Learn more about early diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in this YouTube video:

Saving Money, Saving Lives
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