BioSci™ Protein Gel Kit: Facilitating Rapid and Safe Protein Electrophoresis

The BioSci™ protein gel kit, supplied by Gentaur Group, a leading innovator in life science solutions, introduces a novel approach to protein electrophoresis, offering significant advantages in terms of speed and safety compared to traditional methods. 

This kit eliminates the need for precast gels and simplifies preparation by requiring only the creation and pouring of separation and stacking gels. This streamlined process allows for completion of gel preparation within 20 minutes, followed by protein electrophoresis in just 30 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Safety: The BioSci™ kit utilizes a low acrylamide concentration (3-5%), significantly reducing potential toxicity concerns associated with traditional higher concentration protocols. Additionally, the elimination of TEMED (Tetramethylethylenediamine), a hazardous crosslinking agent, further enhances user safety.
  • Rapid Gel Formation: The kit streamlines gel preparation by allowing immediate pouring of the stacking gel after separation gel casting, eliminating the need to wait for solidification. This approach allows for completion of the entire gel preparation process in just 20 minutes.
  • High-Speed Electrophoresis: The BioSci™ kit is compatible with high-voltage electrophoresis systems (up to 300V), enabling protein separation to be achieved within 30 minutes. This translates to significant time savings compared to conventional methods.

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Overall, the BioSci™ protein gel kit from Gentaur Group offers a safe, efficient, and time-saving solution for protein electrophoresis, making it a valuable tool for researchers seeking to optimize their workflows.


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